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Let's Continue with the "Best School Year Ever"! 2023-2024

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    Welcome to the remainder of the "Best School Year Ever"!  2023-2024Vikings Black HatI love my job

    I hope everyone had a great start to the new school year.  The school year has been moving fast!  

    We have seen from the past three years that in-person instruction provides a unique opportunity for all teachers to prepare students for 21st century learning. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused untold devastation across the world, yet it also revealed some interesting truths about education. It’s taught us that teachers, students, parents and caregivers are incredibly resilient. It’s taught us that technology can be wonderful, but it will never replace the value of people in safe but rigorous learning spaces talking, playing, and working together.  And it’s taught us that schools must continuously stock up on hand soap and hand sanitizer! :)

    We all have a greater desire for family and friendships. 

    Years from now, the pandemic years will be remembered as the years we all learned how to live life at a distance from each other and continue to function as a society.  This might be the "new normal", balancing our eagerness and caution as we continue on the pandemic journey.

    Reproductive Health and Safety Education classes will begin at Northwest mid-way through the 3rd grading period, around March 7, 2024.   

    I’ve always loved the first day of my return to the classroom at Northwest better than the last day when I leave.  

    Firsts are best because they represent "beginnings”.


    First Day of School