• The United States Armed Forces:

    The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard are the armed forces of the United States. 

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    The largest and oldest service in the U.S. military, the Army provides the ground forces that protect the United States.


    A component of the Department of the Navy, the Marine Corps maintains amphibious and ground units for contingency and combat operations.


    On, above, and below the water, the Navy is America's forward-deployed force and is a major deterrent to aggression around the world.


    The Air Force provides a rapid, flexible, and lethal air and space capability that can deliver forces anywhere in the world within hours.

                                                                                        Air Force

    The Coast Guard provides law and maritime safety enforcement, marine and environmental protection, and military naval support. Part of the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime, the Coast Guard operates under the Navy during times of war.

                                                                                      Coast Guard

    Comprised of the Army National Guard and Air National Guard, the National Guard is a versatile force, supporting combat missions, domestic emergencies, humanitarian efforts, homeland security operations, and more.

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