• Sending Scores

    Beginning on April 11, the AP Classroom will prompt you to select where to send your scores. You can bypass that prompt by clicking the link "I don't want to send my scores".

    Seniors should send their official scores to the college they will attend. This will send all exam scores for all AP exams you ever took. The deadline to make this request is June 20 for 2023 Exams.

    1. Log in to My AP

    2. Click on My AP Profile in the blue section, towards the right

    3. Click on Score Send

    4. Indicate to what college you would like your scores to be sent.

    5. Be sure to Save!


    Sophomores and Juniors should not send their scores at this time. You will report unofficial scores on college applications, and send your official scores at the end of your senior year.


    IB Students will submit the score request in their Senior year. Students can submit their scores to one school for free. Students must submit their IB Transcript request by June 5th by completing https://bit.ly/IBtranscripts23. Requests, after scores are released, will result in charges. 

  • Score Release 

    Scores will be available in July 2023. Scores are released online.


    AP Terms and Conditions

    The College Board requires that all students accept the terms and conditions. You will be asked for confirmation of your agreement to these terms as part of your test on exam day.

    AP Exam Terms and Conditions