Removal of Student from Bus Route

    If a student is assigned to a bus route and does not ride for ten (10) consecutive days, the student will be removed from the bus route through the De-assignment Process

    The De-assignment process will begin after a student has not ridden the bus for five (5) consecutive days.  

    • The driver will complete a de-assignment form.
    • The form is forwarded to the school by the appropriate Zone Transportation Office
    • The school will hold the form for five (5) days to allow school personnel time to look into why the student is not riding. 
    • After investigation, if the school receives no response from parents or confirms transportation is no longer required, the student's ridership code will be changed in PowerSchool.  
    • Once the ridership code is changed, information will automatically be sent to transportation and the student's bus assignment will be removed.  

     Exception: There will be no disruption in service for students with excused absences or participating in sports.  These students will not be removed from the bus route.  

    De-assignment Process:

    De-assignment Process To ensure compliance with General Stature 115c-246(c), students that do not ride for ten (10) or more consecutive days will be removed from the active bus roster. This process will be used when de-assigning students from a bus.

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