Removal of Student from Bus Route

    If a student is assigned to a bus route and does not ride for ten (10) consecutive days, the student will be removed from the bus route through the De-assignment Process. 

    The De-assignment process will begin after a student has not ridden the bus for five (5) consecutive days.  

    • The Driver will complete a de-assignment form.
    • The form is forwarded to the school by the appropriate Zone Transportation Office
    • The school will hold the form for five (5) days to allow school personnel time to look into why the student is not riding. 
    • After investigation, if the school receives no response from parents or confirms transportation is no longer required, the student's ridership code will be changed in PowerSchool.  
    • Once the ridership code is changed, information will automatically be sent to transportation and the student's bus assignment will be removed.  

     Exception: There will be no disruption in service for students with excused absences or participating in sports.  These students will not be removed from the bus route.  

    To read more about the De-assignment Process click here.  

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