• Central Office and classified, regular full-time and part-time employees (20 hours or more a week) are eligible for yearly longevity payments after completing 10 years State of North Carolina service. As of the 2014-2015 school year, teachers and instructional support no longer earn longevity benefits. As of the 2017-2018 school year, principals and assistant principals no longer earn longevity benefits.

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    Longevity is paid annually the last working day of the employee's anniversary month. The payment is calculated according to a scale based upon annual state salary and years of qualifying service:

    Years of Completed State Service                                                                     Longevity Pay Rate
    10 but less than 15 years                                                                                      1.50  percent
    15 but less than 20 years                                                                                      2.25 percent
    20 but less than 25 years                                                                                      3.25 percent
    25 or more years                                                                                                   4.50 percent

    Establishing Longevity:  Upon hire, an employee's longevity date is established with the district based on verifiable, qualifying state service. New employees must complete the State of North Carolina Service-Employee's Record (Form 103) provided during New Employee Orientation. Employees with qualifying state service must send the NC State Service Transfer Form to their last employer for completion.

    Questions regarding Longevity should be directed to the appropriate Staffing Specialist for the employee's location.