Grad Walks & Awards Day Info

  • Sr. Graduation Walks:

    Senior grad walks will take place at the elementary schools on Thursday, May 23 @ 9:25 am.  Seniors will receive a permission slip during 3rd block on Monday or Tuesday.  Students must bring the signed permission slip with them when they board the activity buses on Thursday.  They will not be able to go to the grad walks without a signed permission slip.  They need to wear their regular clothes under their cap & gown.  Seniors should report to the main entrance to board the activity buses.


    Senior Awards Day:  Awards day is Friday, May 24 during 1st block in the Auditorium.  Seniors need to report to the Cafeteria by 9:15 for the ceremony.  They should wear their cap & gown over their clothes.  There is no requirement to dress up for this occasion.  Just wear regular clothes under your cap & gown.  Parents/visitors coming to the Awards ceremony will report directly to the Auditorium.