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  • AP Statistics at Ragsdale has 2 main objectives. One objective is to get ready for the Collegeboard AP Exam. By working hard and aligning our studies with the Course Outline developed by Collegeboard, every student will obtain valuable experience that will provide an understanding of the rigorous nature of college courses. Success on the exam can lead to college credit and the ability to exempt an introductory statistics course at colleges and universities. 

    Second, this course aims to make each student a knowledgeable consumer of statistics.  Our world constantly attempts to influence people through numbers and data displays. After this course, students will have a critical eye when they are exposed to statistical arguments presented in various aspects of communications, such as politics, marketing, sports, etc.  So when they are told "4 out of 5 dentists recommend Colgate", students will question key aspects of that statement such as sampling technique, sample size, types of bias, etc. and be better equipped to make their own decisions.  We also may have to toss some Kisses and eat some cookies in the name of statistics ;)

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