Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Toby Blair

I am Toby Blair! I am driven, charismatic, and data-focused, with three year of experience in leadership in multiple school settings. I live in Guilford County with my spouse, four children, and two dogs. I have five years of experience serving Special Education scholars and their systems of support. Special Education allowed me to help scholars and their support systems understand the law regarding Special Education implementation and the importance of effective data management for growth. 


My teaching experience required data review, professional development, building trusting relationships with experienced teachers in the subject, and completing the GCS-Alternative Certification Track. The interventions prepared my ability to recognize curriculum strategies, target learning goals, assess with fidelity, and provide engaging lessons. My data in the school district revealed that my resource math scholars were scoring on par or outscored their same-aged peers throughout my second-year post interventions.


I am versed in providing observation and feedback to effectively capture what teaching in the classroom looks like and provide time for teaching professionals to reflect on their practice. I understand that the evaluative tools needed to measure teacher success are tools to help coach, build, and celebrate continuous improvement.


I believe that if our product does not encompass 100% of the people we serve, we should move towards increments of change with that in mind! It is not solely my goal to move to a more productive model but to support and inspire others to see that they have the tools to make effective change strategies and give them a platform to perform on. 


I have met many impactful people and have read many influential authors. Thirty-one of the most impactful people I know are doing or are aspiring to do the work of growing schools and their communities. High Point University Leadership Academy has provided me with tools to move my thinking from a microlens to a macro lens. My focus is on educational development. All scholars can grow, and to demonstrate this best, we need to support the adults in the building through coaching, transparency, and consistency. 

I am grateful to work underneath Dr. Angela Monell at Southwest Guilford High School! It's a great day to be at the Ranch!


 I have anchored my leadership outlook on a specific quote. "You must be the change you want to see in the world!" Mahatma Gandhi