Certified Substitute Rate: $160.00 per day.


    Non-Certified Substitute Rate: $130.00/day.


    Teacher Assistant Substituting for a Teacher: $168 per day. 

    Teacher Assistant Substitute Rate: $112.50 per day.

    Bus Driver Substitute Rate: $15 per hour.

    SNS Assistant Substitute Rate: $15 per hour. SNS Manager Substitute Rate: $15.00 per hour.

    Other Classified Position Substitute Rates: The rate of pay will be the minimum salary (Step 0) at one salary grade below that of the position for which the substitute is employed. (Example: A substitute is employed for a position assigned to salary grade 55. The substitute would be paid at the minimum (Step 0) of salary grade 54.)

    Retired employees of the Guilford County Schools or its predecessor districts may be employed as substitutes and compensated at a rate up to MAXIMUM OF THE SALARY GRADE BELOW that of the position for which he or she is employed as a substitute. The substitute's step level, should be calculated in accordance with procedures established in the pay plan. Any non-district related experience earned after retirement will not be credited.