• Hello,

    Welcome to my Homepage and congratulations on being one of my students in my very first year of teaching. I will let you know a little bit about me. I attended Northwest Middle and High School and graduated in 2018. I went on to study nursing for two and a half years before redirecting myself to exercise science for my bachelors. I am currently enrolled at NC A&T Online for my masters in teaching. I am newly married to my wife Gabby and am also a brand new pet owner. I coach football here at Northwest High School and am looking forward to seeing you there for exciting Friday nights!

    I am excited about diving into the material ahead of us and hope to be a valuable resource in your educational journey. Health Science offers a plethora of valuable information that will prepare you all for pursuing a medical career of any kind. 

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at my email address. I will respond promptly to take care of any questions and/or concerns you may have.

    Thank you, and go Vikings!