• Scholar of the Week 

    SY 2023 - 2024


    Week of 10/16/23

    The Marching Band of Thunder

    "We are the Panthers! We are intelligent, hard working, strong, determined, and committed to our futures by being academically sound and musically trained. We are the best and the greatest! We are the Marching Band of Thunder!"


    The Marching Band of Thunder (MBOT) is the largest organization on the campus of Dudley High School. By employing the concept of the military and the 7 C's: Confidence, Competence, Cooperation, Commitment, Communication, Consideration, and Concentration. The MBOT prides itself on seeking academic success, while donating a huge amount of time in order to entertain its community in various ways. 


    The MBOT teaches its scholars to believe in their dreams and their abilities. The focus is on preparing scholars for 'the real world'. By using a chain of command, scholars are able to build Social Emotional Learning skills that allow them to help uplift their peers as well as guide them to be outstanding scholars with great behavior. They learn to hold each other accountable for greatness. 


    Scholars are taken through team building activities, they play music alone and with others, and they learn dynamic field shows that "WOW the CROWD" at their events.

    This school year has proven itself to be one in which overcoming obstacles became the calling of the MBOT. The scholars of the MBOT have been resilient and determined to enjoy the year through the display of their dynamic talents.

    Holding heads high, stepping to the beat of the drum, chanting loud and proud, dancing and spinning; the MBOT is compiled of strong and superior scholars who will be very successful in life and lead our kind and caring world. Scholars, be very proud of who you are, continue to seek out the great things in life, be kind and helpful to others, and VICTORY is yours! It is great to know you have a band family who adore and care for you greatly. You are loved!


    The Marching Band of Thunder is a true example of, "Dreams do not work unless you do!"



    Week of 9/25/23

    Ms. Layla Wright


    "In life, you do not always have to be the first, but you do have to be in the number and show out when it is your turn!"

    Layla is a superior scholar who has a great number of outstanding talents. She is one that is rather quiet when it comes to success, but is a hard worker and that shows through her grades, her kindness, and her dancing when with the MBOT as one of the Pantherettes. She is normally the last Pantherette to be in line and when she comes, she gives us all that extra we are wanting! You can hear the crowd screaming, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, as Layla is kicking!

    Layla is a mama's girl and can be found spending time with her mom and her family creating some great memories. She is full of joy when you see her, daily. She is also the silly, goofy one that we all love who will keep you laughing and smiling all of the time. She probably should have her own comedy show for us all to be entertained and have a great laugh, "The Layla Wright Hour."


    One thing about Ms. Wright is that she is full of determination and will not let anything get in her way when she has a task to complete. She is a strong individual who has a great sense of what an outstanding scholar should act like and how having such great character will take you a very long way in life. By working hard, working with others, and being helpful to all, she has been a role model for her peers and adults on all levels. Layla is just that sunshine that we all want in our lives, so heart-warming and smiling like a ray of sun. We can all learn a lot from Layla and her actions to be consistently amazing.

    1Ms. Layla Wright is a true example of, "Dreams do not work unless you do!"


    Week of 9/4/23

    Mr. Camdyn Rikard


    "Actions speak louder than words. Watch me march, chant, and perform on my instrument. Let that be your inspiration to be great!"

    Camdyn is a wonderful and very kind scholar. Most would think that he does not talk that much, but let the truth be told, Camdyn is a pure pleasure to be around. Camdyn likes peace and strives to enjoy himself through the use of the MBOT. His smile and energy level are at the highest when he is in the ranks of the band.


    Camdyn is a hardworker as he is very helpful to everyone who needs it. You only have to ask. He loves his Ice Cold Members as I have observed them laughing and sharing some wonderful times. They are creating memories that will last a lifetime.


    Camdyn is very talented as little may know, he is an excellent percussionist. He reads music very well and knows his rudiments as they are listed. He is able to play pitched percussion instruments with a huge amount of accuracy and precision. He also plays the drumset. Mr. Rikard is very talented and has gifts that are superior, which will help to carry him to his amazing life's success. It is a pleasure to know Camdyn and, even better, that he is a major part of our organization. Camdyn, you ROCK!

    1Mr. Camdyn Rikard is a true example of, "Dreams do not work unless you do!"



    Week of 8/28/23

    Ms. Alea Lewis


    "I feel like I should help you. Here is what I know. Now, use it for your greatness!"


    Ms. Alea Lewis, the gem that shines all day long!


    Those of us that are lucky enough to know Alea, are blessed with her kindness, great words of encouragement, and small gifts that are huge in sentiment. She is a kind person and hard worker who consistently builds up her fellow scholars. She offers her help in many ways, which proves to help others find success.


    This scholar is serious about her education as well as her musical skills. She can be seen putting in time on academics, then on her music during each of her lunch periods. She moves with purpose, eats quickly; as she knows, she must sacrifice some time, in order to be the greatest of them all. She never sees me, but often I grin and smile as she is going through the singing parts of the songs alone in the band room. It makes me happy to see superior effort and complete effort all in one. 


    A dreamer, a believer, a drive with self-motivation, and greatness that surpasses the expectations. Ms. Alea Lewis, you are special and deserve anything you want in the world. Your concern to attend school daily, even in the midst of not feeling well, is dynamic. You are determined and you will be very successful. Today, the MBOT tips its hats to your successful future life. 


    Ms. Alea Lewis is a true example of, "Dreams do not work unless you do!"



    Week of 8/21/23

    Mr. Jasiah Carr


    "Give everything in life a fair chance. You never know, you might just love it!"


    Jasiah comes to the musical world by way of sports. He is dynamic on the playing field and has  given his all to be superior when it comes to athletics. He joined the band with a good deal of reservations as to whether he would enjoy being a part of it. After his first day, he found out quickly, the band is no piece of cake and they actually work out more than the athletes. We all laughed. He was very amazed and interested in this part of band life. 


    From day one, Jasiah has had the most superior attitude and has given the band a chance to be successful in his life. This week, he has displayed the values of hard work, team work, and self-growth. He has also displayed the 7 C's as he participated. This is amazing and we all applaud him for his outstanding characteristics. He is now officially a baritone player in the Marching Band of Thunder who is contributing to our success. He was pointed out on Friday night, at his very first game ever, as a member who the staff could hear playing his instrument and giving 100% of all he had. This is all we could ever ask for out of any scholar. I cannot wait to see his academic habits as I feel they are at the highest levels as well.


    Mr. Jasiah Carr is a true example of, "Dreams do not work unless you do!"








    SY 2022 - 2023

    Week of 10/10/22

    Ms. Zephany Corpening


    "Never give up on something that you cannot go a day without thinking about." ZC


    Ms. Zephany Corpening is an amazing scholar in the Marching Band of Thunder. As the low brass section leader, she is an example of how one can lead by example and with some joy at the same time. Her section looks up to her and follows her directions with care as she models like a true leader. Zephany can be seen busting 90's while marching, chanting over all others, and playing her music to perfection. She takes pride as a role model and works hard to be a super academic scholar with high grade marks.


    Zephany is a member of the Jazz Band of Thunder and the Concert Band of Thunder. Most do not know that Zephany is a fluent piano player and has a recital coming up in the near future. She also has her own graphics business and her products are at the highest level. She stands out and stands tall in the world of her peers. Zephany is a true example of, "Dreams do not work, unless you do!"

  • Scholar of the Week 


    Jason "Chameleon" Whiteside


    "Hard work pays off!"  JW

    Jason 2

    Our scholar of the week goes to Jason Whiteside. Jason is one of the most dedicated members of the MBOT. Jason is very consistent, daily. He is always on time for rehearsal. He is always prepared and dressed out properly with his goals aligned. He is always focused and very serious about making superior music. Most do not know that Jason plays the tenor saxophone and other instruments, such as the marimbas and the timpani. Oh yeah, he also plays the drumset for the Jazz Band  of Thunder, where he has performed for Governor Ray Cooper and Phi Mu Alpha Professional Music Fraternity. Jason follows the chain of command with care and can be seen everyday, walking directly in, cleaning up his section's area, then getting ready for rehearsal. He is helpful to those that he sees in need and a leader as the Drum Captain of the MBOT, where he plays fourth bass drum. Jason is a member of Ice Cold and a proud one at that!

    Jason, you are a scholar beyond scholars. You are brave, caring, kind, focused, determined, and preparing yourself properly for the real world. Stand tall, push your shoulders back, you are a prime example of, "Dreams do not work, unless you do!" Thank you for being you, I believe it is called, 'AMAZING'! 

  • Scholars of the Week

    Week of 9/26/22

    MBOT Pantherettes 

    "The race is not given to the swift, but to the one that endores to the end!"

    This was the first week that the girls had offical cuts from the performance. This was a hard week for them, but they came out on top with a lot of grace. By holding your heads up high, giving it all that  you had, and continuing to push yourself towards excellence is the way to find success in the real world. I am proud of your actions and care of one another and also, the respect that was shared between each of you. I am proud to have this squad represent the MBOT for this school year. Your attention to detail will grow and you will be more dynamic as the days pass us by. Way to be dynamic at what you do. Way to be respectful at what you do. Way to be a role model at what you do. Way to be superior! This week, we honor all 16 members of the Pantherettes. This will be the best squad that Dudley High School has seen in a very long time. You girls rock. Panther Pride!! You all are the reason that we know, 'Dreams do not work, unless you do'!










  • Scholars of the Week (Two Scholars this Week)

    Week 8/22/22

    Ms. Johnae Fountain

    Johnae 'Flute" Fountain can be heard over top of the marching band playing her piccolo, which she rarely misses a note. She makes that instrument sing! Johnae is a determined scholar as she is focused and takes the time needed in order to increase her talents on all levels. She is very dedicated when it comes to the things that she is involved in as a member. She is a role model for other scholars as she is consistently seen coming directly into the band room, no horseplay, immediately getting her instrument out in order to be prepared for rehearsal. It is exciting to think about her future and the many people she will lead to success. Johnae is a superior example that dreams do not work unless you do. Thank you for your great contributions and your wonderful attitude, Johnae, you  move mountains. 

    Mr. JahReak Haskins

    "Push hard to achieve your dreams and never give up." JH

    JahReak is a saxophone player in the MBOT. He joined last year not knowing how to play an instrument or how to march. His growth has been amazing, as now, he will out play the best and also, out march them. He now plays with confidence and strength. He performs for his family on special occasions and he plays songs that I did not teach him with great clarity. JahReak is a major contributor to the MBOT on his instrument and with his superior attitude. He is a super hard worker with very superior self-motivation. He has a drive to find out information on his own and does not wait for others to find it for him. He is smart, brave, confident, and amazing. Jahreak is a prime example that dreams do not work, unless you do! We are proud of you, JahReak, one of the scholars of the week.

    J & J

    Johnae 1

    JahReak 1

    JahReak 2

  • Scholar of the Week

    Week 8/15/22

    Ms. Jay Terry

    "There's no straighter road to success than exceeding expectations one day at a time." Robin Crow

    Jay Terry is a new tuba player in the MBOT. Jay has been a very dedicated scholar ever since she arrived. She has been seen pulling and dragging that huge tuba case around campus in order to get settled somewhere to practice her craft. Jay was selected to be the scholar of the week because at times, she was holding the tuba section down on her own while the other one was off working on his piano skills for jazz band. Jay is a focused scholar, very respectful, and cares a great deal about others. Her dedication is shown as I have seen her walking to band rehearsal with a purpose and early. Congratulations scholar, you are a true example of the statement, "Dreams do not work, unless you do!"

    Jay 1

    Jay 2

  • Scholar of the Week

    BAND CAMP WEEK 8/1/2022

    Ms. Zoe Lindsay

    "Don't just wish for it, work for it!" ZL

    Zoe is a member of the Pantherettes for this school year. She is a true example of perseverance as she first auditioned in March, but missed the cut off by just a point or two. Zoe never gave up and continued to practice at home in hopes that the Pantherettes would have one more audition. Well, her dream came true as she was able to audition again in July and was awarded a position on the squad. Since her arrival, she has been a consistent member and her hard work has been noticed by the staff, parents/guardians, and her peers. Zoe is a true example that tells us all, "Dreams do not work, unless you do!" Way to go, Zoe! You are superior!

    Zoe 1

    Zoey 2