• Welcome to Modern Music Production!

    Music Production Courses at the Academy at Lincoln focus on popular music creation, production, and technology. Access to instruments used in popular music and training using real-world digital music tools center student creativity and musical expression. We explore facets of music production which can lead to careers in music, such as audio engineering, composition, commercial music production, and performing. This semester, students will:


    • Play guitar, ukulele, bass, keyboards, and drums

    • Run the Lincoln Open Mic and Coffee House with students from CTE and CS Discoveries

    • Use Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) to create, record and produce music

    • Learn how to run Live Sound for events


    Modern Music Production is a semester-long course: it is only offered in Semester 1 (August-January).


    Course Expectations

    Modern Music Production is a blended model course with both performance and academic goals. Learning experiences in this course include:

    • Learning New Music using Familiar and New Musical Techniques

    • Creating music using digital technology and acoustic instruments

    • Recording acoustic musicians

    • Presenting original musical works

    • Listening Journals

    • Reading Assignments

    • Meetings and workshops with music producers and local artists

    • Virtual and In-Person concerts and field trips

    Who Can Register?

    Modern Music Production is open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at the Academy at Lincoln. Students who want to enroll should be:

    • Ready to use technology responsibly

    • Curious about how modern popular music is created

    • Focused on creating their own original music

    • Willing to work collaboratively with peers, teachers, and community members.