• Welcome to the Global Music Ensemble!

    The Global Music Ensemble at the Academy at Lincoln immerses music students in a world music learning experience, fostering understanding of both the universal and the unique aspects of music from around the globe. We will explore facets of culture which influence music traditions, such as geography, religion, climate, food, and access to natural resources. We will study music traditions in order to better understand people, make connections between cultures, and celebrate the musical diversity that makes the world a tapestry of sound. In addition, the Global Music Ensemble will make connections with culture bearers in the Greensboro community and leverage our strengths as a Global Studies school.

    This year, the Global Music Ensemble will focus on Mariachi music and cultural traditions. This tradition requires that we have:

    • Bowed strings (violins, violas, cellos, basses)

    • Guitars and/or ukuleles, Harp

    • Trumpets and Percussionists

    • Singers, we will be singing in Spanish

    Global Music Ensemble is a semester-long course: it is only offered in Semester 2 (January-June) to 7th and 8th grade students ONLY. There are several prerequisites for joining the Global Music Ensemble. Students must meet 2/3 of the following criteria:

    • MUST Have had at least one (1) year of study in the orchestra, band, chorus, or piano program OR one (1) year of lessons outside of school

    • Are enrolled in the Academy at Lincoln Global Studies Magnet Program

    • Are interested in deepening their understanding of and experiences with music