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    I am looking for some extra hands this year in the science lab.  If you are interested in volunteering, please be sure to sign up on the GCS Volunteer page.  I am unable to use volunteers who have not been cleared through the county.


    The Science lab is a fun but busy place to be.  I oversee nature trail, pond, raised beds, Science Olympiad, STEM Fair Projects, coleader for the STEM Fair and of course all the fun that comes with your kiddos seeing me during specials.  

    Below are a few ways that you can get involved. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.  Sign-Up Genius Coming Soon.

    Dissecting Assistants in 4th and 5th grade-Fourth graders will dissect frogs in the late fall and fifth graders will dissect sharks in the spring.  We need extra adults to help with set up, aprons, helping students take turns and clean up.  I will send an email out asking for these volunteers closer to the date.

    School Garden Buddies-Our courtyard has many raised beds.  Students will be planning, digging in the soil, planting and caring for the garden at least once a month.  We need people who would be willing to come water the garden and add water to the pond when needed.  This would happen during or right after school, as you will need my key. See the Sign-Up Genius for dates.

    Nature Trail Upkeep- It would be great to have someone check the nature trail and creek for trash once a month.  Times are up to you, but I am unable to let you in the building outside of school hours.

    STEM Fair Projects-All students at General Greene have the opportunity to participate in our school STEM Fair in December. 

    4th and 5th graders are required to do an Engineering Project or Science Fair Project. 

    2nd and 3rd graders are strongly encouraged to participate in the egg drop competition or submit their own project. 

    Kinder and 1st will be doing a class project. 

    All students are welcome to do a Science or Engineering project.    

    In December, I need extra hands to help with Science Fair Week.  

    STEM FAIR Day-Projected time, late March or April.  Our STEM Fair is a chance for our students to learn about people who work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields.  We spend the day visiting exhibitors and having an on-campus fieldtrip.  I need a committee to help me start planning and organizing this large event.

    Setting up for themed weeks- I have a few themed weeks planned for the school year.  I need help with setting up the lab and possibly adding some fun decor. 

    Spooky Science-October, Space Week-January, Shark Week-March, Earth Week-April and May the Fourth Be With You-May.