• The District Review Committee serves as the superintendent's review panel when there is a challenge of an educational resource that is appealed to the district after a school level decision.

    This committee remains inactive unless there is a challenge appeal. The procedures governing the committee are outlined in Regulation Code 3200-R.

    Membership on the committee includes:

    1. A parent/community member from each school level (elementary, middle, high)

    2. One teacher from each school level (elementary, middle, high)

    3. One school media specialist from each school level (elementary, middle, high)

    4. One site-based administrator from each school level school (elementary, middle, high)

    5. One certified staff member of the district library media office

    6. Two certified staff members of the district instructional office

    7. One high school student

    8. Superintendent or designee

2023-24 Committee Meeting Dates