• Dudley High School Band Boosters Organization


    Purpose: To promote and support the Dudley High School Band programs in conjunction with the Band Director and school administration of James B. Dudley High School.


    • Membership will be open to anyone who wishes to serve the band program and its purposes.
    • Membership is contingent upon successful completion of the Guilford County School (GCS) volunteer registration process, which includes a background check, and payment of annual dues.

    Band Booster Organizations Fees:

    • $35 for Membership - Includes
      • One Band Boosters Organization T-Shirt - $15
      • Band Boosters General Fund Deposit for Scholar Assistance - $20

    Please use this link to become a Band Booster Member:


    Please use this link to become a GCS Approved Volunteer:


    Ways to Pay:

    • CashApp = $DudleyBandBoosters
    • Cash
    • Cashier's Check made out to Dudley Band Boosters 

    Volunteer Weekly Sign up:

    • In order to volunteer in any capacity, it must be approved by the Vice-President of the Band Boosters Organization. Please contact the Vice-President before performing any acts of volunteering on any level with the Band scholars. Please note that Band Staff cannot approve volunteers. 
    • Booster Volunteering Opportunites will be posted by the Vice-President. Once volunteers are determined, then the list of working Boosters for the event will be posted. 
    • If you are a GCS employee and plan to volunteer, please still contact the Vice-President as your name will not be listed on the working Boosters list, but we still need to know you desire to help to include you in the plan. 

    Please note that if you are a working Booster for an event, it is expected that you are working in some capacity the entire evening. Please do be available to the EBoard, leading Booster for the evening, and scholars at all times and also, please be flexible, things are subject to change. 

    Your Contribution:

    • Boosters will be assigned to different sections of the MBOT (woodwinds, high brass, low brass, Pantherettes, Drumline, etc.) by the Band Boosters Vice-President. Please note, one week you may be assigned Brass, another you may be assigned Drumline. Please be flexible and ready to assist with your assigned section. 
    • Escort Scholars to the restrooms and concession stands.
    • Make sure your assigned section is hydrated and have snacks when allowed. 
    • Make sure all your assigned sections trash is collected and thrown away.
    • Attend to any needs of your assigned section.


    • Only MBOT Scholars, Band Staff, and working Band Boosters are allowed inside the band room on game nights. Please do not enter into the school building unless you are one of the people listed above. 
    • Only working Band Boosters are allowed to enter into the game with the band. The extra help is greatly appreciated. However, we have a limit and must stay within our limit. Everyone else must purchase a game ticket.
    • If you are a working Band Booster, please be prepared to work and assist with the scholars for that evening. Please understand that you are there to aid all scholars in the organization. Please leave all other family members at home or under the supervision of someone else you trust if they are coming to the game. Other family members will not be allowed to enter the game with the band. They must purchase a game ticket.
    • Please refrain from using profanity around scholars. Also, be mindful of the things that you say when they are present and can hear you. They should not be subjected to negative conversations that adults are having; please find a private space for private conversations.
    • If you encounter a patron that is rude and disrespectful to you, please do not engage with them. If the situation is serious enough in your eyes, please alert me immediately. I will handle the situation. 
    • Please ask patrons to move politely and kindly. There is no need to alert them that the band is coming or lining up in a derogatory manner. Please be reminded that they are excited to see the band and one day, may hope to be in the MBOT. So it is important that we treat everyone with respect. 
    • Please note that we now do the tunnel on the track after the game due to COVID protocol. When we leave the stadium, the show is over and we are going directly into the building to get ready for dismissal. 

    MBOT Pre-Approval Purchase Form

    Please note that it is the policy of the Band Boosters Organization that if a person plans to be reimbursed for any items purchased for the MBOT, the purchase must be approved first or it is considered as a donation. The process for reimbursement is as follows: 

    1. The person wanting to make the purchase must fill out the form at this link. 


    2. The EBoard will discuss and either, approve or deny the request. 

    3. The person wanting to make the purchase will be notified of the decision.

    4. If approved, the person wanting to make the purchase will be contacted and the items may be purchased. 

    5. The person who made the purchase must submit the original receipt. Other forms of purchase documentation will not be accepted. Please note, if the original receipt can not be presented, then there will be no reimbursement of funds. 

    6. The Treasurer of the Band Boosters Organization will contact the person who made the purchase and reimburse them for the amount owed.