• Education should be varied and dynamic. The goal of education is to stretch the mind to extents that are not common to the learner. To explore and journey through the world of historical fact and fiction, that is our plan....

    Grading Criteria

    Tests, Essays and Projects………………..will be counted twice

    Homework and Participation……….not weighted

    Quizzes…………………..not weighted

    Classwork……………...not weighted

    ***canvas does not weight grades****

    I feel it is important that students understand the importance of being productive. Most days, students will be required to turn in an assignment, whether it was completed individually or as a collaborative work. Parents and adults don’t get paid for going to work and doing nothing. Nor should students be in class and not put forth effort and complete assignments fully. If you come to class, willing to put forth your best effort, you will succeed.

    Missed Assignments, Late Work, Making up Assignments-Any assignments not turned in on time are zeros. Students with excused absents will be given appropriate time (48 hours) to complete assignments. I keep a board in my classroom where students can pick up missed handouts, vocabulary, and assignments.

    Homework-Homework should be an extension of the lesson from that day. Students will not receive homework every day in Social Studies. Instead, students will be expected to complete any readings, worksheets, studying, and research on their own. Reviewing our materials every night for 10-15 minutes should be the standard homework assignment. That does not mean there is no homework. Most homework is graded on completion unless otherwise instructed.