• College Ready. Career Ready. Life Ready. Preparing Students for Life Beyond High School.

    Today, our high schools are brimming with innovators – students driven by ideas and dreams. It’s up to us to ensure those dreams become reality. Being life ready means students leave high school with the grit and perseverance to tackle and achieve their goals by demonstrating personal actualization skills of self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, responsible decision making, and relationship skills. Students who are life ready possess the growth mindset that empowers them to approach their future with confidence, to dream big and to achieve big.

    We all have a profound responsibility to ensure that our nation’s 14 million high school students are college ready, career ready, and life ready. 

    My role as the School Counselor is to prepare our high school students to effectively pursue their postsecondary goals – and dreams – with confidence, provide students with personalized and career-specific learning experiences, along with social and emotional skills that prepare them to be global citizens in an ever-changing world.


    Holli Sills

    Professional School Counselor



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