My Favorite Therapists for Children:




    • The Tim and Carolyn Rice Adolescent and Child Health Center  The Tim and Carolynn Rice Center for Child and Adolescent Health serves children from birth to age 21, providing well visits and sick-child care as well as services for children who are chronically ill, developmentally delayed or affected by mental health issues.

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    I am available to meet with your child for one on one counseling anywhere from one to eight sessions, depending on the needs of the child. If a child needs more intense counseling for a longer duration, I refer parents to an outside counselor who can provide that.




    E-Therapy is another option for counseling. This is now available to all Guilford County students for free virtual counseling sessions held at the school during the day with a licensed therapist. For more information, please check out their website and call Martha Stilson (336-643-8420) who serves as the coordinator. E-Therapy Website: