• National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Certification Reimbursement
    Funding for this program is provided through the Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds. Program and Program funding end June 2024.
    Please submit all requests prior to June 1, 2024.

    For other opportunities for NBPTS support, please visit our National Board Certification webpage.

    What is NBPTS Certification?

    The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards is designed to collect standards-based evidence of accomplished teaching across four components:
    • Content Knowledge
    • Differentiation in Instruction
    • Teaching Practice and Classroom Environment
    • Effective and Reflective Practitioner
    Is reimbursement available for NBPTS certification?
    Yes, through the Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ESSER) grant, teachers at designated schools who obtain NBPTS Certification or complete Maintenance/Renewal of their certification may request reimbursement.  ESSER funds are available for NBPTS reimbursement on a first come-first serve basis.  All funds must be disbursed by June 2024.  

    Who is eligible for NBPTS certification reimbursement?

    • Be employed at a designated school
    • Bachelor’s degree 
    • Three years of classroom or school counselor experience 
    • A valid state license (initial or continuing North Carolina Department of Instruction issued license) 
    • New policy allows teachers to begin the process before completing three years of teaching. To complete the process, however, teachers must have completed three years of teaching.  
    Which schools are included as a part of the NBPTS certification reimbursement grant?

    ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS: Alderman Elementary, Allen Jay Elementary, Bessemer Elementary,  Bluford/Peeler Elementary, Brightwood Elementary, Cone Elementary, Falkener Elementary, Foust Elementary, Gillespie Park Elementary, Kirkman Park Elementary, McNair Elementary, Montlieu Academy, Murphey Traditional Academy, Northwood Elementary, Oak View Elementary, Parkview Elementary, Peck Elementary, Rankin Elementary, Reedy Fork Elementary, Sedalia Elementary, Sedgefield Elementary, Simkins Elementary, Sumner Elementary, Vandalia Elementary, Wiley Elementary

    MIDDLE SCHOOLS: Allen Middle, Eastern Middle, Ferndale Middle, Hairston Middle, Jackson Middle, Northeast Middle, Southern Middle, Swann Middle, Welborn Middle, Western Middle


    Eligible Reimbursement Expenses for NBPTS Certification
    • Registration Fee (non-refundable) = $75
    • Component Fee = $475 x 4 = $1900
    • Possible Reimbursement = $1975
    • Maintenance/Renewal Reimbursement = $570 ($495 submission + $75 registration fee)
    NOTE: Expenses incurred/paid prior to June 2020 are not eligible for reimbursement.  Only expenses incurred/paid between June 2020 and June 2024 are eligible for reimbursement consideration.
    How do I request reimbursement?
    1. Print confirmation of payment from the National Board Certification website and/or any other documentation confirming proof of payment. 

    1. Your receipt must indicate that the payment was made. 

    1. Complete the Finance Reimbursement Form. 

    1. Sign and obtain the signature of your principal (confirming that you have the appropriate documentation to submit for reimbursement). 

    1. Make a copy of all documentation (form and documents supporting your request for reimbursement). 

    1. Scan and save a copy of the Finance Reimbursement form and supporting documentation. 

    1. Complete the online NBPTS Reimbursement Request form.  

      • To complete this form, you must upload the scanned Finance Reimbursement form and a copy of the supporting documents). 

    1. Allow 30 days for reimbursement 

    1. Questions about your reimbursement after you have submitted all documentation may be directed to Loren Roberts at robertl3@gcsnc.com. 


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