Degrees and Certifications:

Dudley Chapter of the National Honor Society

Juniors and Seniors with a 3.7 weighted GPA are invited to apply between September and October.  Students should have school and community service hours.

After they complete the application and essay, they'll schedule an interview and the NHS board will score their applications.  Once decisions are made, letters and emails go out for acceptance or appeal.

Applications in the appeal process go to the principal.  Students have to contact the principal directly via email and state why they would make a good candidate for NHS.  Once the principal decides, letters and emails are sent to reflect the decision. 

Induction is held in December. The first meeting for new members will be in January.

Students will complete a contract, pay $40 for dues, and complete service projects with NHS.  Without the contract, the dues, and participation in projects and meetings, students are not fully participating members and are placed on probation.

Students who fall below 3.7 are also placed on probation.

Once contracts, dues, grades, and participation issues are taken care of then students are taken off probation.  If students cannot resolve these issues, their membership is revoked. 

*NHS Scholarship for Seniors generally between October & November

*Yearbook pictures for NHS are generally between November & December