Emergency Protocols
  • If a Building Services related emergency occurs at a site during normal working hours and a request for support is needed, a call should be made immediately to the Building Services Department at 336-370-2386 and a work order should be submitted following the phone call.

    If the emergency occurs during the weekend or after work hours, the employee at the site is to contact Sentry Watch immediately. The number for Sentry Watch is 1-888-988-7636. Provide the watch officer with details of the emergency, a telephone number where you can be reached and the point of entrance the technician should use to enter the facility. Based on your description, a qualified maintenance technician will be dispatched to handle your request.

    If possible, give your cell phone number so the technician can contact you after arriving at the site. If you give an office phone number as your call-back number, stay near that phone and be prepared to answer it when it rings. As the contact person, you must remain on site until the repair is made or until you are relieved of your responsibility by another site member. The maintenance technician will not assume responsibility for the assets of the site or for securing the site when the repairs are done.

  • Emergency Contact Numbers


    Normal Working Hours 

    Building Services
    Phone: 336-370-2386


    After Normal Working Hours (4:30pm-7:30am)

    Sentry Watch

    Phone: 1-888-988-7636