Each year, Guilford County Schools completes an application for federal funds, including titles I, II, III, and title IV funds. Part of the process is stakeholder consultation. The survey pertains to the use of federal funds to improve schools and student achievement. We would like you to complete the survey, and forward the link below to your staff members, parents, and any student leadership group, providing all with an opportunity to submit input into our federal application. Please encourage stakeholders to review and answer each question based on the information provided. The answers shared should be from personal experiences and include relevant information on how your school has used the federal funding it receives and its impact on achievement and students' overall well-being.


    Guilford County Schools Stakeholder Survey 2023-24 Federal Program Application


    Encuesta de las Escuelas del Condado de Guilford 2023-24 Solicitud de Programas Federales