• Welcome to my English class at the Early College at Guilford. I am excited to begin

    this stage of my teaching career at ECG and work with motivated students who love

    to work and learn. One of my main objectives this year is to help my students develop

    more effective written and oral communication skills so they can succeed in college as

    well as in their chosen career. I maintain all of the resources that students will need on

    my Canvas site. I will teach the following English courses at ECG this coming year:


    Fall Semester: Pre-AP English I

    Spring Semester: Pre-AP English II



    A Summary of My Academic Career


    I completed my undergraduate degrees at Clemson University and my MA and PhD

    in American and British Literature with an added emphasis in composition and rhetoric

    at UNC-Chapel Hill. I have taught a wide variety of courses in composition, literature,

    public speaking, business communication, cross-disciplinary courses in humanities,

    and special topic courses at the following major universities in North Carolina: 


    Duke University

    UNC-Chapel Hill


    Elon University

    East Carolina


    I have also taught AP English and Honors English to juniors and seniors at Northern

    Guilford High School. I am also the author of more than a dozen publications including

    the Serious Student's Guide Series, which are reference texts in composition, literature,

    and other disciplines in the humanities designed to help students succeed in college,

    and a series of poetry translations of popular poems in Latin, French, Spanish, and

    Italian. One of my most popular texts is my Dictionary of Latin Phrases and Quotations,

     a compilation of common Latin quotations that appear in the great works of literature.


    Please feel free to contact me at rbranyon@guilford.edu if you have any questions.



Dr. Rick Branyon