Anonymous Tip Reporting

  • Students in Guilford County Schools can use the CrisisGo Safe2SpeakUp app to report threats to schools, bully-related activity involving themselves or their friends and weapons on campus. Students can additionally submit reports about self-harm and suicidal behavior to their school’s safety team. Safe2SpeakUP users can message with the school’s safety and administrative team that oversees all safety issues at their school.


    How students access the Safe2SpeakUp App: There are three ways Students can access this application:

    1.  Students can follow this direct link:  
    2. The app is located on all GCS issued computers for fourth grade and above
    3. Students can download the app from Google Play, Apple’s App Store, or Chrome Web Store. Student accounts for the app will use their GCS username and password.  Once a student logs in, they will automatically have access to the tips and reporting.


    Students Can Use the Safe2SpeakUP App to: • Anonymously report bullying and bully-related activity. • Report safety issues with multi-media reporting options. • Communicate with the school safety team during an incident. • Learn about safety risks and solutions. • Respond to safety Check In prompts sent by school administrators.


    *All activities through Safe2SpeakUP are recorded for reporting purposes. When selected, anonymity is ALWAYS preserved.