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    The academic disciples include:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Natural Science
    • Social Science
    • Spanish

    The arts disciplines include:

    • Choral Music
    • Dance
    • Instrumental Music
    • Theater
    • Visual Art

    Have you ever considered Governor’s School?

    The Governor's School of North Carolina is a 4-week summer residential program for advanced, gifted, and talented high school students, integrating academic disciplines, the arts, and unique courses on each of two campuses. If you missed the information sessions on September 12th and 13th you can view the information by clicking the video below:


    What is Governor's School (Video)?


    • The North Carolina Governor’s School is a unique, enriching experience
    • 11th graders may apply in all areas: Academics, Arts, Choral Music, Dance, Instrumental Music, Theater
    • 10th graders can ONLY apply in three areas: Choral Music, Instrumental Music, Dance
    • The curriculum focuses on the exploration of the most recent ideas and concepts in each discipline, and it does not involve credit, tests, or grades. Students are selected to attend through a competitive process after being nominated by their public school unit or non-public school.
    • Deadline to submit the FINAL application to Ms.Totten at tottenj@gcsnc.com is Friday,October 20, 2023



          a) Live in North Carolina

          b) Attend a North Carolina public school

          c) 11th graders may apply in both the areas of academic, Choral Music,

              Instrumental Music, and Dance


            e)10th grader may ONLY apply in the areas of Choral Music, Instrumental Music,

              and Dance


    Governor's School Overview: http://www.ncgovschool.org/overview/

    What Students Say About Governor's School


    New eligibility requirements (students must meet at least one of the following criteria):

    • Cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.25 or higher
    • Cumulative weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher
    • Score of 4 or higher on an NC EOC (End of Course)
    • Score of 3 or higher on an AP (Advanced Placement) exam
    • Grade of B or higher in a CCP (Career and College Promise) course on Comprehensive Articulation Agreement or university course
    • Composite of 19 or higher on Pre-ACT/ACT or 1010 on PSAT/SAT


    New Spanish requirement:

    • Student must have completed a minimum of three courses in high school Spanish prior to attending GS 


    Application/Teacher Recommendation:

    • Student Application (DOWNLOAD and SAVE application BEFORE completing)
    • Email the student application to Ms. Totten
    • Teacher Recommendation Form (DOWNLOAD and SAVE recommendation BEFORE completing)
    • Please note that teachers must email the Recommendation Form directly to Ms.Totten, not the student




     If you have additional questions, contact Ms. Totten (School Counselor) at tottenj@gcsnc.com