• Good evening, Washington families, this is Principal Paul Travers with your weekly message.

    Thank you to all the families who came out last week and participated in Parent to PE Day.

    Our individual picture day originally scheduled for October 10th has been changed to October 30th.

    After school tutoring slated to start this week will be postponed. Please be on the lookout for forthcoming information about the start date for tutoring.

    This week starts after school SAS clubs. Tomorrow will be Tasty Buds and Sign Language SAS club. On Wednesday, will have Contemporary Dance and Fairytale SAS afterschool clubs.

    On Tuesday, our running pathway will go out for a run in the morning and some of our 4th graders will be taking the Read to Achieve assessment. Also, on Tuesday we will have a School-Based Leadership Team meeting at 3:00 PM in the media center.

    We will continue with Drug and Bully awareness month activities. On Wednesday, Washingtonians are courage to wear their favorite sneakers. This will serve as a reminder to not let drugs and bullies sneak up on you.

    On Thursday, our running pathway team will go out for a run in the morning. Also, on Thursday students are encouraged to wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

    This Friday is where your favorite hoodie day. This reminds us that being a bully and drug free is no sweat.

    Your weekly Health and Wellness tip for this week is: A consistent bedtime routine is important to your child's health. Children in kindergarten through six grades should get between nine and 11 hours of sleep each night.

    Looking ahead our pre-K and kindergarten Washingtonians will be taking a field trip Kersey Valley on October 18th and our third and fifth grade Washingtonians will be taking their math Interim Assessment on October 27.

    At Washington we Honor Community, Show Excellence and Think Critically. Have a great evening and let's get 1% Better Every Day.