The media center is staffed by Megan Newton (Media Specialist) and Madeline Lineberry (Media Assistant).  Megan is shared with the staff of Herbin- Metz Education Center.  Media classes at Gateway are held Monday through Friday.  Each class is 30 minutes long for pre- k students and 45 minutes long for school age students.  This instruction includes the opportunity to share books, to communicate using each student's communication system. Students also have the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities as well as check out books.  

    The media staff may be contacted by email (nunnm@gcsnc.com or by phone (336-375-2575, x 1300).


    Guilford County School Library Media Coordinators...

    • Create a path towards prosperity for all students by ensuring equitable access to print and digital resources.
    • Facilitate professional development to support their school, classroom teachers and impact student achievement.
    • Empower students as readers, writers, creators and innovators in a welcoming learning environment.
    • Collaborate with teachers on inquiry problems and project-based learning, digital citizenship, literacy, evaluation of resources and school wide maker mentality.
    • Lead by serving on the school leadership team and the media technology advisory committee.
    • Aspire to grow the whole student by supporting literacy and a love of reading.