• Good evening, Washington families,

    This is principal Paul Travers with your weekly message.

    Tomorrow, our PTO will begin our annual Candy Cane Gram sale. Students will be able to purchase a candy cane gram for $0.50each to send to friends, teachers and or staff. They will be delivered on December 21st.  Candy Cane Grans can be purchased starting tomorrow and ending on December 15th.

    Also tomorrow, Monday, December 11th, we will have our Bikes for Kids program.

    This Tuesday, December 12th is holiday sweater day.

    On Wednesday, December 13th the NC Smile Dental clinic will be with us at Washington.

    Thursday, December 14th is Holiday Colors Day.

    Your health and wellness tip for this week is: Saving water isn't just good for the environment, it helps your family save money too. Take shorter showers instead of baths. Baths can use up to 50 gallons of water, while a 5-minute shower uses only 10-25 gallons.

    As a reminder in compliance with Guilford County School’s Student Wellness Policy and Procedures for Nutrition Standards for Elementary Schools, cupcakes, doughnuts, ice creams, and sodas do not meet the policy. We strongly encourage parents to bring in healthier store-bought snack options to celebrate. Your Washingtonian’s classroom teacher with be in communication with you about items needed for their winter class celebrations.

     Looking ahead, the last day of school before Winter Break is December 21st.

    At Washington we Honor Community, Show Excellence, and Think Critically.

    Have a great evening, and let’s get 1% Better Every Day.