At Dean B. Pruette SCALE Academy

              We believe…


    • Our students are capable of being successful;
    • In educating the whole child;
    • Relationships are the foundation of a successful inclusive school environment;
    • In a culture of high expectations for ALL students understanding that flexibility and personalization is key for individual student success;
    • In academic, experiential, and vocational components of learning to prepare students for college and/or career readiness in global economy;
    • In restorative discipline to mold, shape and help students make positive life choices;
    • In academic innovation offering a multitude of learning strategies: personalized learning, cooperative learning, standards-based learning, problem and project-based teaching, teaching to multiple intelligences.
    • In a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes college and/or career readiness standards as well as a focus on personal development and behavior;
    • In strong parental and community relationships and that LEADERS ARE DEVELOPED!!






    • Do the right thing at all times
    • Model correct behavior
    • Follow all adult directives





    • Speak in appropriate language that builds, motivates, and encourages others
    • Help others if needed
    • Follow school guidelines
    • Follow all adult directives




    • Be honest
    • Maintain a clean, safe space
    • Ask for assistance if needed
    • Follow all school guidelines





    • Follow all adult directives
    • Maintain respectful, appropriate behaviors, conversations, and actions
    • Call for an adult if assistance is needed
    • Remain seated, calm, and safe
    • Be a leader at all times
    • When in doubt, ask for help



    • Remember we represent Pruette in everything we do!!