• This is how choice begins.

    We welcome you to Guilford County Schools. Students and families like you make our district the thriving community that it is. Your decision to enroll marks the beginning of an education that allows your student to explore interests while creating a strong foundation for the future. 


    Here’s what you need to know to secure your spot — and, remember, if you are opting for a school or program other than your neighborhood school, be sure to enroll or submit your application as early as possible.

    If you’re ready to enroll now, you can go directly to our online registration portal. 

    SchoolMint Registration System >>

  • Enrolling your child

    1. Find your neighborhood assignment via the School Assignment Locator.


    2. Consider your choices. 

    Are you still learning about all of your educational options and making your decision? Visit one or more of the following links to explore and consider your options:

    Choice Schools and Programs Listings,

    Career and Technical Education (CTE),

    Academically Gifted,

    Exceptional Children

    English Learners

    Blended Learning (Virtual)



    Middle-High School


    3. Learn more about Registration on our Registration page.


    4. Gather required information.

    New to the district (Pre-K, Kindergarten, or transferring from another district or charter/private/home school)? Review what materials you’ll need and begin gathering them: Certified copy of birth certificate, immunization records, NC Assessment Health Transmittal Form, Affidavit of Student in Good Standing, Proof of Residence. More information about these requirements can be found here or on the PreK -K page. 


    5. If entering Pre-K or Kindergarten, make sure you meet the enrollment requirements. 

    • Students must be five years of age by August 31 of their kindergarten year.

    • Student must reside with a parent or court-appointed guardian who live in Guilford County and have proof of residence.

    Review the materials you’ll need to enroll on the PreK -K page.

    6. Enroll online. 

    Access our registration portal, SchoolMint, and create an account when you are ready to officially enroll.


    7. Determine if your school or program of choice requires an application — or registration only. 

    Your neighborhood school is always available to you. If you are opting for a choice school or program, you may need to submit an application for consideration. Some of our programs are based on merit and others include a lottery system. These might require special application procedures or close attention to deadlines. Learn more from your specific school or program of choice.


    Elementary and Middle School FAQ’s

    Elementary and Middle Need to Know


    High School FAQ’s

    High School Need to Know

    For more on Choice Schools and Programs, see 2024 Open House Schedules and Application Timelines.