• The State Board of Education shall establish an arts proficiency high school diploma endorsement (pg 130) to encourage students to obtain a well-rounded, high-quality arts education. The Board shall create any form necessary for students to document their arts participation and shall provide this form to local boards of education. The Board shall develop criteria for receiving a diploma endorsement under this subsection that includes the following:

    (1) Completion of a minimum of four arts credits with an unweighted grade point average of 3.0 or higher in each arts credit completed by the student.

    (2) Completion of a minimum of 40 hours of arts-related extracurricular activities. To receive credit for completing these hours, a student shall meet all of the following requirements:

    a. The student participates in an arts-related extracurricular activity that is approved by the local board of education.

    b. The student completes all of the required hours outside of instructional hours.

    c. The student does not receive any course credit for participation in the activity.

    d. The student documents the hours on the form provided by the Board to local boards of education.

    (3) Any additional criteria deemed necessary by the Board.