• Good evening, Washington families, 

    This is Principal Paul Travers with your weekly message.

    This week, we will celebrate College and Career Awareness with a Spirit Week. Our Washingtonians are encouraged to participate in the planned theme days:

    • Monday: Genius Minds Under Construction - Wear jeans to show our commitment to learning and critical thinking.
    • Tuesday: "Our Futures Are So Bright" Day - Wear a hat or sunglasses.
    • Wednesday: Represent Your College Day - Wear your favorite college colors or T-shirt.
    • Thursday: Salute to the Armed Forces - Wear camouflage.
    • Friday: Career Dream Day - Dress as your dream career.

     Tomorrow, Monday, April 22nd, our second graders will have a presentation by A&T University's Nya Mott on oral hygiene. Select fourth and fifth graders will stay after for tutoring, and our Golf Pathway will head to Gillespie Park Golf Course after school.

    On Tuesday, our violin students will be taking a field trip to UNCG, and our Golf Pathway will head to Gillespie Park Golf Course after school.

    On Wednesday, our Pre-K and kindergarteners will have a Career Play Day.

    On Thursday, we will have after-school tutoring for select fourth and fifth-grade students.

     Your Weekly Health and Wellness Tip for this week is: The human body is meant to move. Exercise is linked to better sleep, mood, focus, and overall wellness. Most young children love to move, which is a great opportunity to start building good habits. Encouraging children to move and exercise from an early age can pay off in their physical and mental health for the rest of their lives.

     Looking ahead, on May 1st, our second graders will be taking a field trip to watch the Greensboro Grasshoppers play. On May 2nd, fourth-quarter interim reports go home.

     At Washington, we Honor Community, Show Excellence, and Think Critically.

     Have a great evening, and I'm looking forward to getting 1% Better Every Day this week!