Drum Major Audition Submission

  • Drum Major Candidates:

    Submit two videos:

    Video #1: Record yourself conducting the patterns 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4.  Each pattern should include a count off, four or more measures of each pattern, and then a cut off.  Pause for just a couple of seconds between each pattern.

    Video #2: Record yourself conducting a short video of a marching band song.  Pick a song that has a medium to fast tempo.  Two fundamentals that will be evaluated for the conducting: 1. Can you keep a steady tempo? 2. Can you keep a consistent pattern?  Bonus would be to include in your conducting patterns visuals such as: crescendo, decrescendo, and cues.  

    Submit your videos here: Drum Major Video Submission

    Email Mr. Ray at rayj2@gcsnc.com if you have questions.