• No matter what class you are in, the expectations are the same.


    1. Be considerate of everyone in the room.
      1. I understand that some days you just aren’t feeling it. That’s fine. However be considerate of the others that may be feeling it. Don’t be a disruption to others.
      2. The world we live in is full of different views, opinions and ideas. While we may share some we may also differ on some. I welcome different ideas, thoughts and beliefs……….. just remember we are in school and to express them in the appropriate way.


    1. Engage in the lesson
      1. Participate in the lesson by asking questions, listening and thinking. It will make the class go by faster


    1. Think before you act (your behaviors can often define you)
      1. Before you act, think about how what you are going to do will reflect on you as well as how it may be inconsiderate of others


    1. Make sure you complete assignments from when you are absent
      1. Class goes on when you aren’t here. You are still responsible for any material you may miss. Get your notes and assignments caught up as soon as you can.