Welcome to speech-language therapy!  My name is Kim Fulp and I graduated from Appalachian State University with my BS and MA in Communication Disorders.  I worked in private practice for 23 years and then came to Colfax in 2012.  I serve students in Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade for speech and language therapy services. In addition, I also provide services to students in the Pre-K and K-5 adapted curriculum classes.

    We work on many different skills in speech-language therapy to develop and enhance communication.  We work on articulation, fluency, and language skills.  In articulation therapy, we work on various sounds.  Most students make articulation errors that consist of substitutions, omissions and/or distortions.  Many different activities are utilized to correct errored sounds.

    Voice therapy may be needed for children with vocal nodules.  For voice issues, we work identifying vocal abuse and stress the importance of proper vocal use.  Then we work on establishing and maintaining a good voice.  

    Fluency therapy focuses on speech that is slow and easy.  We do lots of activities that involve modeling and practice in structured and unstructured environments.

    In language therapy, we use seasonal themes and activities to work on vocabulary skills, sentence structure, following directions, categorization and social skills.  Language therapy covers a lot of areas specific to each student's needs.  My goal with speech-language therapy is to help each student be a successful communicator in the classroom.

    Colfax Elementary currently has two certified Speech-Language Pathologists serving students in the speech and language program.  In addition, we also screen hearing on many students throughout the year.  Please contact me or Mrs. Balicki (Pre K Hub, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade) if you have any questions or concerns.

    Apps to help with generalization of speech and language skills

    Speech Blubs, Language Builder, Question Builder, Toca Train, Super Duper Let's Name Things Fun Deck, A Twister Thistle, Talking Tom, Mini-U Tongue Twisters, Mush Mouth, Writer's Hat, Photo Concepts, Verbs with Milo, Opposite Ocean, Doodle Budy, Kidgenius, Easy Bake Cupcakes, Articulation R & R Blends, Articulation L & L Blends, Articulation S & S Blends; I Can Articulate, Open Ended Articulation, Speech Rates, Tic-Tak-Talk and Speech Squares




Kim Fulp