Degrees and Certifications:

I have a master's of science and a specialist in education degree in school and community counseling earned from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in December 2005. My graduate program is accredited by the American Counseling Association's Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Program (CACREP), the nationally recognized accrediting agency for counseling graduate programs. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor, #208455, through the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, #6869, through the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors (NCBLCMHC). The NCBLCMHC may be contacted via their website at (complaints may be sent by email to:, phone at 336-217-6607 or 844-622-3572, fax at 36-217-9450, or PO Box 77819, Greensboro, NC 27417. In addition, I am licensed as a school counselor in the state of North Carolina through the Department of Public Instruction. I have been a practicing school counselor since January 2006. Before beginning my duties as a school counselor at the Early/Middle College at GTCC Greensboro in July 2008, I held the following positions: School Counselor at North Davidson High School, Counseling intern at Youth Focus Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center, Counseling intern at Cone Behavioral Health Center, and School Counseling intern at Southern Guilford High School. Also, I held the position of relief counselor on the Child/Adolescent Unit at Cone Behavioral Health from July 2006 to October 2013.

Jennifer Kijania, MS/EdS, NCC, LCMHC

NBCC Board Certified NCC


Contact Information


Work Cell:  336-327-0078

School Main Office: 336-375-2466 

I am available at the above contacts during normal school hours.  Please note I will make every effort to return calls, texts, emails, and messages within 1-2 school days.  If you need more immediate assistance, please contact the school main office.  



Whenever possible, students and parent/guardians are encouraged to use my Bookings page to schedule appointments: Appointments with Mrs. Kijania - School Counselor


 Counseling Program Information

The counseling program at the Early/Middle College at GTCC Greensboro is designed to assist students, grades 9-13, make the most of their educational experience.  As a school counselor, I am concerned about all students’ emotional well-being, academic progress, future planning, and personal/social development.  All students participate in the school counseling program on a regular basis. 

My theoretical approach and practice mainly includes Choice Theory/Reality Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Narrative Therapy as appropriate with the individual student(s) and/or families.  As a school counselor, I do not diagnose mental health conditions or charge any fees.  As appropriate, I will assist the student and parent/guardian with the coordination of mental health services outside the school setting.  The following specific activities are offered (but not limited to) by the counseling program:

  1. Individual and group counseling related to personal, social, academic, or career issues on an as needed basis.
  2. Appointments with parents/guardians to discuss concerns regarding their student’s personal, social, academic, or career development.
  3. Assistance with future planning, college planning, and the college admissions process.
  4. Periodic classroom lessons related to positive academic, career, and personal development.

Any information the student shares with me is confidential with the following general exceptions:  the student directs me to tell someone else, I suspect the student is in danger from others or the student is a danger to himself/herself or others, in cases of suspected abuse/neglect of a child, elder, or disabled person, or I am ordered by a court to disclose information. 

In the event you have questions/concerns about the counseling program, please contact me by email or phone (information listed at top of page).  



Current students and parents are reminded that detailed school and course information, calendar events, and announcements are available on Canvas.  Current students are expected to check Canvas daily.  

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