AP Computer Science

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    Fall 2022                                   Spring 2023

    1st   Planning                          1st    AP CSP 

    2nd  AP CS A                          2nd   AP CSP 

    3rd   AP CS A                          3rd    Planning

    4th   AP CS P                           4th    AP CSP 

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    Below are general course descriptions and a little bit about me - the person behind the teacher!

  •  AP CS Principles 

    This next level programming class will be taught using the CodeHS curriculum featuring a combination of block-based and text based JavaScript programming languages. This course offers a more in depth examination of the "big CS ideas" including a broad range of foundational topics such as programming, algorithms, the internet, big data, digital privacy and security, and the societal impacts of computing. Emphasis is placed on problem-solving, communication, creativity, and exploring the impacts of computing on how we think, communicate, work, and play. Students will extend their programming skills to include more complex constructs, including objects and data abstraction. Students will use logic and problem solving to come up with creative solutions to real programming challenges.

    Learning to think like a programmer will be emphasized! Students will complete a performance task to show course content mastery.

  • AP CSA

    This AP level course will be taught using the CSAwesome curriculum featuring Java programming and an online fully integrated IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This course is specifically designed for students who wish to continue studying Computer Science in college. The course focuses on big ideas in computing such as modularity, variables, control, and the impact of computing on the world around us. Emphasis will be placed on logic, algorithm development, code testing, and documentation. Students will take the AP exam at the end of the course to earn college credit, and bragging rights!