In Guidance we conduct classroom lessons to target the social-emotional aspect of our student’s lives. We have small groups for those students who may have specific needs. When needed the counselor will also see students on a one on one basis. We cover topics such as; Anger management, Social Skills, Grief Counseling, How to Make and Keep friends, Lessons to prevent Bullying, Empathy, Listening skills, and the list continues. The Counselor attempts to be observant and target what the students are exhibiting at that moment.  



    1. Respect – Yourself, classmates, all adults and school property.
    2. Stop, Think, and Then Do is what we try to practice.
    3. Students are taught to follow the School Motto to SOAR. S- Showing Responsibility, O-Outstanding Efforts, A- Accepting themselves and others, R- Respecting themselves and others. 
Guidance Counselor
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