• Welcome to the new year!  I am Tiffani Ingram, the proud principal of this wonderful school. I am humbled by this opportunity to serve the students and families of this community.  It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I take on this responsibility to lead Joyner Elementary.  I am elated to be presented with the opportunity to support you and your students in continuing to ensure that we drive the school mission forward to provide an environment where all children can become self-directed learners and can acquire the academic tools needed to become successful and contributing citizens, thereby instilling respect for themselves and others forward.  

    My dedication towards making Joyner a place where students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally is a passion that drives me as the principal.  It will be my daily duty and expectation to provide a learning experience at Joyner Elementary where we work to invest in every child regardless of ability or background to ensure all our students learn, grow, and experience success.  With the support of you as parents/guardians, my school team, and the Joyner Jaguar community at large, we will make sure our students and their needs are at the heart of every decision we make as we remain focused and committed to improving achievement, cultivating a great learning experience, while creating a safe and orderly environment for your children.  

    Nurturing relationships foster student growth and development.  Connectivity between home and school is essential in promoting student success.  We are committed to continue our efforts to strengthen the collaboration between home and school as we look forward to partnering with you to do so.  The work we do for our students is a shared responsibility and we know at Joyner that a successful operation of a school is contingent on the strong partnerships that are established and cultivated to support student growth and development.  We will work daily to uphold this commitment to work alongside of you to accomplish this mission of teamwork and a strong collaborative partnership. 

    As the leader of the school, I know, understand, and keep at high regards the importance of making sure parents understand they are an important part of the work we do.  I believe that educating our future leaders of America, our children, is work we will accomplish TOGETHER!!


    With warm regards and wishes for an amazing school year,

    Ms. Tiffani C. Ingram

    Principal, James Y. Joyner Elementary School

Tiffani Ingram, Principal