• Welcome to 4th Grade! This year you can look forward to exploring Animal Adaptations and North Carolina with ARC, and publishing your own short stories. We will be building upon Math understanding using Eureka Math.

    It is very important that Fourth Graders have a good understanding of Multiplication and Division facts and that they are reading every day. These two things will be the foundation of all new learning. 

    As you are preparing for the upcoming school year please keep in mind a few things. We have a county wide standard supply list, of that list several items we will be using at home.  Those items for home are crayons and loose-leaf paper. Students will already have access to both those materials inside the classroom.

    The wish-list items of Antibacterial Wipes and Hand Sanitizer are the most important, especially to stop the spread of illnesses. Specific wish-list items for our classroom: Antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, sticky notes, and recess equipment. 

  • Students attended a session with story teller Donna Washington.  Check out her website for more stories. Donna Washington