Forms & Information

  • We provide incentives to our freshmen

    during the school year!

    Short Term Incentives

    Ice Pops will be distributed to students who have met the below criteria from the start of a marking period to a date named at a later time:

    • No Sweeps
    • No unexcused Absences/Tardies
    • No Dress Code violations

    Students who meet the above criteria over the time frame communicated can receive an ice pop during lunch on a date to be named later.


    Long Term Incentives

    Incentive trips are planned for students who have met 9 week quarterly expectations. Students can attend these trips if they have met the below criteria over one marking period's time or specific date communicated.

    • No unexcused absences
    • No Ds, Fs or INCs as of the end of the grading period. Late items turned in to increase grades AFTER the grading period ends will not alter a student's status to meeting the trip's criteria.
    • No discipline referrals from any GCS employee

    Any administratively assigned detentions, Restoration Station, or other forms of consequences will cause a student to miss out on the quarter's incentive trip.