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  • Band update all classes 12/19

    Posted by Stephanie Linville on 12/20/2019
    This has been a busy week leading up to break! Lots of things going on in each class and such  Please read below for those things pertinent to you.
    Practice time--EVERYONE
    Practice time this week is the normal 150 minutes.  I am combining this week's time with the two weeks of break to create one sheet to be turned in on January 6 or 7 when we return.  In total, your child should turn in one sheet with 250 total minutes completed (150 for 12/16-12/20, 50 for 12/23-12/27 and 50 for 12/30-1/3).  The sheet only needs to have their total amount of time, not descriptions for each day and such.  It also should be signed by a parent.  That time will be accepted on January 6 or 7.
    Back in the book--sixth and seventh grade
    Sixth and seventh grade students should make sure they have their Essential Elements books back into class every day.  We will be playing in the book over and after break and every student needs to be practicing out of the book so we can continue to progress as we have been.  If for some reason your child doesn't have their book, break would be a great time to get one.
    Jazz Band/Jazz Ensemble
    We will have our Jazz Band Party tomorrow morning at 7:45.  I've brought pastries and such for them.  All they need to bring is a drink.  We are not playing, just watching the jazz band portion of the concert and celebrating the holiday since we didn't get to last week.  Our next jazz rehearsals will be on January 8 and 13(Jazz Band-including ensemble) and January 9 (Jazz Ensemble only) in preparation for the performance at the GCS Arts Fair on January 14 at the Cultural Arts Center in downtown Greensboro.  We should meet there, dressed on polos and jeans, at 7 pm to watch the SWHS Jazz Band perform, then we perform right after. Parents should plan on bringing students there.  We should be finished by 8 pm.
    All-District auditioners
    The All-District Band auditions will be held the weekend we return from break on Saturday, January 11, at Orange High School in Orange County (500 Orange High School Rd., Hillsborough, NC 27278).  ​The list below details what time students should be there to register, warm up, and audition.

    Choi, Hope  9:30 a.m. (register)          10:00 a.m. (warm up)          10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. (audition)
    Diaz, Annabella    8:30 a.m.         9:00 a.m.         9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.​
    Figuereo, Bryan    10:30 a.m.         11:00 a.m.         11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.​
    Ingram, Lauren    8:30 a.m.         9:00 a.m.         9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.​
    Marquis, Mia    7:30 a.m.         8:00 a.m.         9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.​
    Reid, Alexa    7:30 a.m.         8:00 a.m.         9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.​
    Shi, Ethan    8:30 a.m.         9:00 a.m.         9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.​
    Walker, Maya    9:30 a.m.         10:00 a.m.         10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

    I will work with these students on Monday, January 6 and Thursday, January 9 from 4-5 pm after school to make sure they are ready to perform.

    Festival/Carowinds (All eighth grade and some seventh grade)
    Our District Music Performance Festival will be held on March 23 or 24 this year at Northwest Guilford.  We will be performing for judges to receive a rating.  All eighth graders will be involved in this as well as some seventh graders.  This group will also perform at the Carowinds Music Festival on May 7.  I've been discussing this in class a bit with the seventh grade and told them about the commitment required if they are interested in performing with the eighth grade.  This would only be a few students on a few instruments for seventh grade, so I need to know after break if your child might be interested in this.  More information will be coming home when we return, but I thought you might want to talk with your seventh grader regarding this opportunity.  Also, the payment information for our Carowinds trip will be coming home right after break as well.  The cost of the trip will be $80, which includes bus cost and a meal within the park. If you have a season pass, your cost will be less.

    Thanks for reading to the bottom of this long email.  I hope I've included everything upcoming.  Also wanted to say thanks so much for the sweet gifts that are coming my way!  I am very humbled and appreciative of everyone's thoughtfulness!  I hope you all have a safe and restful holiday season!  See you next year!
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  • Band Update all classes 12/13

    Posted by Stephanie Linville on 12/20/2019
    Thanks so much for all your help at our concert and for making such a huge showing of support for our kids! I'm really pleased with how the concert went and I am so appreciative of having such a supportive group of parents to make our program successful.
    Just a few quick items:
    --Practice time for this week was only 120 minutes because of the concert.  Students should turn in this time on Monday, 12/16 or Tuesday, 12/17
    --Practice time next week will be normal (150 minutes) but will be added in to the time required over break (50 minutes each week for a total of 100 minutes)to make one turn in of 250 minutes on January 6 or 7 when we return.  That turn in will include time from December 16-January 5.
    --We will not need instruments on Monday or Tuesday because of concert evaluation.  Sixth and seventh grade will return to their Essential Elements books on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Eighth will sightread Festival music on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
    --There will be a sub in seventh grade classes for me on Tuesday as I am taking a half day for my daughter's doctor appointment.  The substitute will be doing the concert evaluation with that group, so they need to remember expectations for when a sub is in the room.  
    Finally, this is for 6th Grade, especially the Brass class (first encore):  Attached is the saxophone letter that I neglected to distribute in class today because of Dr. Armond's observation.  It completely slipped my mind.  I did distribute it to the woodwind class, but if anyone else needs it, it is attached.  I need the second page of the letter returned no later than Tuesday, December 17 if your sixth grader is interested in switching to saxophone over break.  If we need an audition because of so many students interested, it will be on Thursday after school.  They will audition on their current instrument and those requirements are listed in the letter.  If we do need an audition and your child cannot stay Thursday, they must do the audition for me before or after class on Wednesday.  I will let everyone know by email on Tuesday afternoon if an audition will be required, or if there were few enough permission forms submitted that we don't need an audition.  Be on the lookout for that email.
    Thanks again for all your help and support at our concert and have a great weekend!
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  • Concert info 12/11

    Posted by Stephanie Linville on 12/20/2019
    I'm attaching the concert letter information one more time to this email to hopefully make sure everyone has it.  I emailed this last week and I gave out a hard copy in class, but I'm still getting questions about it.  In a nutshell:
    Sixth grade reports to the SWMS GYM tomorrow night at 6:05
    Seventh grade reports to the SWMS GYM tomorrow night at 6:20
    Eighth grade reports to the SWMS GYM tomorrow night at 6:30
    Concert begins at 7 pm and should end somewhere around 8 pm.  All are expected to stay for the entire concert unless you've already communicated a conflict to me.
    Students should be dressed in Band Polo/Plain Black Polo/black button-down shirt, Black (or very dark) dress pants (not jeans), Black Dress Shoes (not tennis shoes, Vans, Chucks, etc).  I've had numerous questions regarding "why not jeans" and "why not tennis shoes."  This is considered a formal concert, not a school event.  As such, we will be expected not to dress in school-type clothes.  If you have a financial concern with obtaining the correct clothes, please email me and I'll be glad to work with you.  If your child just doesn't want to wear dress clothes, that's a different issue.  I'm working not only to teach them how to play an instrument the best they possibly can, but I'm also teaching them how to be a PERFORMER.  And performing, at times, requires a different mode of dress.  This is one of them.  Again, if your concern is a financial one, please don't hesitate to contact me about that.  I raised five kids in one house, so I definitely understand about money being tight.  That is NOT a problem in any way.  But a lot of the comments I'm getting from students is "I don't have dress shoes and I don't like dress shoes" or "My jeans look fine."  That's not an acceptable reason.  As I mention in the letter, I always went to Wal-Mart to get concert clothes for my kids, and the $12 dress shoes from there are PERFECTLY acceptable.  My own children wore them more than once and I don't expect anyone to spend $50 on an outfit for this (or even $25 if you can do it.)  But the amount of comments the students are making to me is raising a concern that I felt like I needed to address.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.
    Thanks and I hope to see you tomorrow night at the SWMS Gym!
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  • Update for 6th Grade 12/6

    Posted by Stephanie Linville on 12/20/2019
    What a busy week!  Thanks for the good reports I got from the subs while I was out for All-County Band!  I'm very pleased how the students behaved and will allow them 30 minutes of extra credit practice time for that.  
    Next week is our concert, and attached is a letter that is coming home today regarding some specific information for that.  We will have our Winter Concert on Thursday, December 12 at 7 pm in the SWMS Gymnasium.  Sixth graders need to arrive at school before 6:15 so that they may be seated and ready to warm up at 6:15.  Dress for the concert is black polo (band polo if you have one), black dress pants/skirt and black dress shoes.  Tennis shoes, capris, leggings or any type of clothes not on the school dress code are not allowed.  Please let me know if you have any concerns about providing the required dress code.  I want all students to participate in this event because it is a significant portion of their second quarter grade, and I don't want clothing concerns to be an issue for anyone.  Please email me if you have a concern and I'll be glad to work with you.
    Interims went home this week in class as well.  All students were given an interim that should have been signed by a parent and returned.  I need to have all those signed interims back from students by Monday or I will be emailing parents to make sure everyone is aware of their child's grades in band.
    For those of you who reordered t-shirts/hoodies, they have been shipped and should arrive next week.  I will be distributing them in class.
    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding band class and hope to see you next week at the concert!
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  • Band Update all classes 12/

    Posted by Stephanie Linville on 12/20/2019
    First, let me apologize for not getting the update out last week.  With the long weekend, I thought I would have time to get it done.  However, as all of you know (I hope!) I have been at the NC Music Educators' Convention in Winston Salem since Sunday morning.  And coming home late from that after all that I did during the day there, I just could not get motivated to send an email.  So again, sorry for that.  However, WOW what a weekend.  I heard NINE concerts from bands across the state ranging from middle school to college, went to some very helpful workshops (look out jazz band, I learned a great way to learn how to improvise!) and have been rejuvenated and renewed for coming home to the kids, plus I have some cool stuff and lots of new ideas.  It was well worth the trip and I'm grateful for the chance to have gone.  We as educators do not do enough to renew ourselves and our passion for our craft, and I'm glad I had the chance for this one.  I hope everyone had a good day at school today (I'll find out tomorrow!) and are ready to get back at it.  Practice sheets should have been collected today and will also be collected tomorrow as usual, so check with your child and make sure they get theirs turned in.
    We WILL have jazz band tomorrow morning and all Jazz Ensemble students need to attend.  We need to get moving on music for the concert, and all students need to be there.  We will also have jazz ensemble on Thursday morning as usual.  
    A BIG congratulations to all those who made All-County Band this past week.  Southwest had some good data regarding those auditions:  we were 7th out of 11 in amount of students sent to the auditions, but 3rd out of 11 in amount of students who made the band (10%).  And if you look at our percentage of students who made it compared to our total sent, we were second in the county (67%) only to Northern Middle.  I want to encourage ALL the students who auditioned for All-County to also audition for All-District band in January.  I know they would be competitive there as well and now that they have one audition under their belt, they would be much more experienced and comfortable, plus they have two more months to prepare.  The requirements are the same, except students should prepare the entire solo they have worked on, not just the excerpt for All-County.  Info regarding the All-County clinic will be sent home tomorrow or Thursday, so be on the lookout for that if it applies to your child.  I'll also send some detailed info regarding All-District then too.
    Polo shirts have been distributed to students who ordered one.  I do have some extras from last year's re-order that are available for $15 cash only.  If you wanted a polo but didn't get one in the order in October, you can see if I have your size.  Please email me or send in info by your child.  T-shirts and hoodies have also been shipped and should arrive at school by Thursday at the end of the day.  If I can get them counted out and checked for accuracy of the order by Friday, I'll send them home then.  Otherwise, it will be Monday for sure.  Thanks again for your support with t-shirts and hoodies!  Our cymbals and new keyboard for jazz band have been ordered and should be here soon!!
    Don't forget our Winter Concert date is Thursday, December 12 at 7pm at the Southwest Middle Gymnasium! Everyone is welcome and there is no admission charged.  This is a great concert every year and always a good time for everyone so invite your family to come and share!  All students are now working on music for the concert (sixth grade starts tomorrow!) and recordings are on my website for them to listen to while practicing.  Here's the link if you need it
    I think that's it, but I'll probably think of something as soon as I hit send 🙂  Have a good rest of your week!
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