Welcome to Madame Frissen's Page

  • Bienvenue and welcome to Madame Frissen's web page.  You will find many resources and information about our classes here so please use them!  Assignments and deadlines will be listed on the calendar.  The French Study Center has many links to help you study on your own.

    To join us and receive notifications of upcoming tests, due dates, etc. on Remind text the following codes to 81010 for your level:

    French I - @mrsfrisse

    French II - @mrsfrissen

    French III - @3b4eb

    French IV - @bd9505

    French V - @7k4kaa

    French Club - @a17f5

    You can also receive push notifications through the free Remind app.



    Click on the link to add yourself to Madame Frissen's Duolingo.
    Instructions for smartphone or tablet:
    1. Download the Duolingo app and open it up.
    2. Press Get Started. Then select French.
    3. Set your Daily Goal and continue (you can change this later).
    4. Create a Profile: On Android, press the menu icon at the top right corner and press Create a Profile. On iOS, press Profile in the top left corner and press Create a Profile.
    5. Type in your Name, Email and Password, then press Create.
    6. Go to your Profile and press Progress Sharing.
    7. Type in your Classroom Code: 3WVU5TUX
    8. Press Join Class.
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