Battle of the Books (BOB) is state-wide competition among schools, beginning for us at the county level. Students compete in teams of 12 (6 students at a time) against other teams in a quiz-bowl style competition answering questions about the books on the designated list. 

    The goal of the BOB competition is to encourage reading and expose students to a variety of quality literature. The game format allows for more interest and excitement while students improve reading skills and broaden their knowledge base and reading choices. Although this is a serious competition, the goal is to have fun and read, not necessarily to win!


    Johnson Street Global Studies Information

    • Two BOB teams are available for our students to join.
      • 4th and 5th graders may opt to participate on elementary team
      • 6th, 7th and 8th graders are all eligible to join the middle school team.
    • Practices for both teams will likely begin in October 2018 and will likely take place after schools until 4:00 one day a week
    • Team participation is open to all students in grades 4-8, however, students must meet minimum academic and behavior requirements to join:
      • Students must have read, taken notes on, and written at least five "In which book..." questions on at least three of the books before practices begin for the school year. (This is a bare minimum - the more books read, the better!) See Mrs. Morgan to get blank copies of notes sheets. 
      • Students must maintain appropriate, positive behavior in all classes at school. Students with office referrals may not be permitted to join the team or may lose their position if the behavior instance occurs after practices have begun.

    More details will be shared about the competition and JSGS requirements once official practices begin. Students are encouraged to begin preparing for the competition as soon as possible. See the links below for useful resources.


    Helpful Links: