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  • Southeast High School Online Course Opportunities


    Southeast High School offers our students a variety of online courses for initial course credit  through Guilford County Virtual School, North Carolina Virtual Public School, and Apex Learning Virtual School.  Apex Learning is also a program used by students who wish to recover credit for a previously failed course.    

  • Getting to Know NCVPS – North Carolina Virtual Public School


    NCVPS offers over 150 different courses

    Our course offerings include advanced placement, electives, traditional, honors, core, STEM, occupational course of study, flex learning, credit recovery, and English Learners courses.

    We help schools across the state expand their own catalogs by offering courses that they might not otherwise be able to offer. For instance, a district might have five students from three different schools who want to take Japanese, but that is not enough demand to hire a Japanese teacher, so in the past, those students would go unserved. Now schools turn to NCVPS to satisfy those enrollment demands.

    Having access to NCVPS courses helps students personalize their education with classes that they have a keen interest in. Additionally, students from all parts of the state can now compete equally for college admissions and scholarships.

Guilford County Virtual School

  • Guilford County Virtual offers our students a variety of courses taught online by highly qualified GCS high school teachers.  

    The Guilford County Schools works to provide students with educational opportunities beyond the traditional classroom environment. Students can take high school credit courses online in order to have access to learning 24/7. GCS also supports teachers and students in integrating digital tools into the curriculum to engage all learners. In addition, we provide parents with the capability to monitor student progress while using the digital tools. 


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