• Hola, mi nombre es 
    Maria Ardila

    I am a Spanish teacher at NWHS. I am a native of Bogota, Colombia.

    I received my bachelors in Philology and Languages from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia 
    and I am a former Fulbright Scholar. 

    I have been teaching for over 25 years.

    In my free time I like to ride my bicycle, work in my garden and knit! 

    If you have any questions please email me at ardilam@gcsnc.com 
    or call me at(336) 605-3300 ext. 1667


    2018 - 2019 Class Schedule


        1st Period             Spanish II     
       2nd Period        Spanish II
       3rd Period        Spanish I
       4th Period        Planning
       5th Period        Spanish II
       6th Period        Spanish I


    **Tutoring is offered Wednesdays afternoons, by appointment.**

ardila classroom