• Welcome to The Academy at Lincoln's VS Language Arts 4th & 5th grade/Science 4th grade

    We will explore reading comprehension, writing workshops, word study with Greek and Latin stems, listening and speaking skills this year.  Our focus will cover a variety of genres for discussion and interpretation, different writing styles, word study with Caesar's English, which will allow us to investigate the Greek and Latin roots of words, while increasing our vocabulary and comprehension.

    In Science we will cover the 4th grade curriculum, which consists of:  Scientific Method, Earth's rotation, Solar system and space, Forms of Energy, Matter and its Properties, Healthy Living, Digestive System, Forces and Motion, Earth History, and Ecosystems.


    The grading scale for Language Arts and Science are as follows:

    Tests/Projects 40%

    Quizzes 30%

    Homework 15%

    Classwork and Participation 15%


    Growth Mindset, the brain and neuroplasticity will be areas of understanding and application this year.  Connections between neurons and synapses and how we learn, will be explicitly discussed in our VS program.  The plasticity of the brain is a new frontier.




    Education:  I have a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.  Bachelor's Degree in Art with concentrations in Business and Marketing, along with an Advanced Learners Certificate.

    Goal:  To nurture and create lifelong learners who are inspired to grow, progress and achieve.  These individuals will add value to their community and our global world.

     contact information for Mrs. Debra Jones  -  manookd@gcsnc.com