• Greetings!

    It is a privilege to be an artist and faculty member of Weaver Academy. This upcoming school year will be my seventh year. I currently hold a B.F.A degree in Dance Studies, complemented by a North Carolina K-12 license in Dance Education from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Directly after college, I embarked on a journey in Virginia, dancing with the RVA Dance Collective, being a full-time company member and stage technician. 

    Since then, I have shifted my dance studies towards teaching and exploring different movement techniques and pedagogical practices in dance education. 

    Email is my preferred medium for communication. Please reach out to me at  littleb2@gcsnc.com I will gladly guide you through any inquiries, concerns, and triumphs that arise throughout the year -- dance related or not. I am here to aid not only in your child's success in dance but in their overall success in high school as well. 

    I believe that movement is an art form, education is an act of empowerment, and every student walking into our space holds the power to transform. 


Jennifer Scheib @ Happy Labs Photography
  • Weaver Academy Dance 2023 - 2024 Season 

    Fall and Choreography Concert 

    Thursday and Friday, November 16th and 17th @ 7PM 

    Senior & Choreography Concert 

    Thursday and Friday, February 15th and 16th @ 7PM 

    Spring Concert 

    Thursday and Friday, May 9th and 10th @ 7PM 


    All performances are held at the Weaver Academy Theatre: 

    300 S. Spring Street in Greensboro, North Carolina 

    General Admission: $5.00 cash only, at the door