Principal Lei Washington

Picture of Principal Washington in her office practicing safe social distancing!

  • To All of our Gator Stakeholders:

     I am so excited to be returning to serve our community for another year.  Each year, we have seen progress and each year we have become greater!  This year, our focus will be to build strong home-school partnerships, reach outward to community partners to forge partnerships designed to ensure our students are engaged in holistic learning opportunities and highlight, through our teaching, the power of education to liberate!

    We cannot do this work without you!  We need your presence and your partnership to make Gillespie Park a community school on a mission to change our world.  How can you help:

    1. Volunteer;

    2. Be your child’s first teacher, daily;

    3. Join the PTA;

    4. Read to and with your child, daily.

    We are committed to overcoming challenges and celebrating victories both small and large.  Join us in our quest.  Together we are BETTER! As a part of our community initiative, our building will be open every third Saturday for Chat with the Principal community-opportunities for our Gators. We’ve adopted this hashtag:



    -Principal Washington